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Digital Product School – Call for Applications

Interested in digital product development and how cross-functional, agile teams actually work and deliver? Want to learn more about the role of a designer in these teams and how you can shape everything from user research to product strategy and the execution of the user interface?

We believe we have a great opportunity for you here at the Digital Product School. This is a 3-month education program that is complementary to your academic education and focuses on the practical aspects of working together in a modern development team with product managers, software engineers and data scientists.

Some highlights:

  • company partners providing a real challenge
  • coaching and mentoring with a focus on personal development and collaborative teamwork
  • scholarship grants: get paid while learning
  • ECTS equivalent to an internship (depends on the university)
  • join a thriving startup environment at the UnternehmerTUM

I'm super happy to answer any questions. Feel free to reach out here via Incom.

More information and applications:

Job: 360° Panorama Walkthrough Hochschule Hof

Die Hochschule Hof würde gern den Campus Hof über 360° Panoramen digitalisieren lassen und einen Walkthrough mit Google Streetview auf die Webseite stellen.

Wer von Euch hätte Interesse das zu übernehmen? Gern auch im Team (Fotografien / Street View).

Update: Der Job ist vergeben.